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History of Kaaf Founder's Foundation

The KAAF University Founder’s Foundation was established under the Companies Act, 2019 (Act 992) to seek and use funds from donors, governmental and non-governmental organizations, corporations, and private individuals to support the education of under-served students and others wishing to further their education for the purpose of national growth and development, and the eradication of extreme poverty in deprived areas in Ghana and beyond.

Gifts for Sustainable Life-Changing Higher Education!

Promoting Lifelong Learning Opportunities for the Brilliant but needy Student

Our Mission

His Story

Two hundred and sixty (260) students have already beneftted from scholarship and bursary awards granted by Mr. Michael Aidoo, the Founder of KAAF University College through the foundation.  Mr. Michael Aidoo is a Ghanaian businessman, and the founder of KAAF University College, Ghana.  From a humble beginning as a basket weaver and a photographer, Mr. Aidoo has founded and operated many successful businesses in fields such as road and building construction, Trading, Hospitality, Pharmaceutical and importation of construction equipment, just to mention a few.


The purpose

In his early days as a contractor, Mr. Aidoo came across many promising young engineers with Diploma certificates, who could not progress on the academic ladder without putting their career on hold.  His quest to develop talents that abounded in the field of engineering birthed the two-and-half-year engineering top-up program and the first

private university offering undergraduate engineering programs in Ghana.

Mr. Aidoo also believes that all persons deserve access to quality and proper healthcare, regardless of their economic backgrounds, hence he has readily supported natives of the Western North Region, who gain admission to study

medicine abroad.  The result of his charities is an increase in the number of sons and daughters of Sefwi who are now trained Medical Doctors.  In time, their willingness to give back to their native community will translate into improved access to qualified health personnel and facilities, and improved access to health. The aim of the KAAF University Founder’s Foundation, non-profit organization limited by guarantee, is to expand the coverage of the award scheme of Mr. Michael Aidoo beyond the current limited scope by seeking donor assistance to provide sustainable support to qualified students with extreme financial difficulties or lacking access to the funds they need to develop themselves into society’s human capital.

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